The replenishment of wind-powered generator.

Wind-powered generators are used in alternative energy sources with the purpose of wind speed energy transformation of rotation energy. Thereafter energy gain through the special devices acquires a form in that it can be used for domestic needs. In general case an autonomous wind generator consists of actually the generator, tower, blades, controller, storage batteries and negator. The classic wind setting has usually three blades, which are fastened on a rotor. At the rotor spinning due to speed of wind a three-phase alternating current is produced that acts on a comptroller, whereafter it is transformed into constant voltage. Passing through a storage battery, a produced current creates two effects simultaneously. Firstly, it charged accumulators, and, secondly, it uses them as current conductor. After that due to a negator a single-phase alternating current is obtained, which is suitable for the use in domestic terms. At the small consumption of produced electric energy it is fully sufficiently for the electric appliance supply and illumination. For a shortage the before stocked energy in storage batteries is used.

Transmission oil

The transmission system of wind-powered generator is used with the purpose of transmission of kinetic energy through a drive-shaft on a generator. Usually the transmission systems have to work in enough severe conditions, which are characterized by large operating torque, sudden leaps of temperature, strong corrosion. Therewith, it is difficult to carry out the technical maintenance of wind-power units working in composition shelfy and large terrance power-stations. Transmission oil is intended to take to the minimum influence of all enumerated factors and to support the capable working state of transmission by means of:
  • greasing of wind-powered generator reducing gears;
  • wear-preventive proofing;
  • anti-seize proofing;
  • corrosion protection.
But on stream the transmission oil is subjected to influence of all the same harmful factors that take place during the work of wind-powered turbines. Therefore in course of time the contamination of oil mechanical admixtures, water and oxidation products happen. The class of oil product cleaness becomes the below required value, and it loses service characteristics.


Among important descriptions of transmission oils it is needed to distinguish their stability to oxidization, ability not to precipitate during the continuous operation, not to form stable emulsions with water, and also corrosion protection of steel details surfaces. To satisfy the enumerated requisitions, for transmission oils obtainment it is necessary to use high-quality oils, and also to apply the deep cleaning with subsequent introduction of the special additive agents. Additive agents are substances that positively affect on antioxidant, demulsifying, anticorrosive and antiwear turbine oils features.


It is impossible to answer definitely a question “When is it needed to replace of transmission oils of wind-powered generators”?  In general the transmission oil service life-time depends on the construction of concrete transmission and its operating regime. Replacement of oil is accomplished in case when its indexes of quality underwent substantial transformations by comparison to the initial indexes of fresh oil. Among the controlled parameters it is needed to distinguish viscidity and acidity. Also it is noted the change of wear-preventive, anticorrosive and antioxidant facilities. At determination of oil replacement terms the service conditions: grit uptake intensity, loading, temperature condition, mechanical shear become an important factor.


What is to be done, if it is necessary to change an oil liquid very often? Certainly, the advantage of such option, as renewal of wind power generator transmission oils is to be used. Experience of company GlobeCore testifies that by the correctly neat periodicity of cleaning of transmission oils it is possible to prolong the service lifetime substantially. The reliability of work of both transmission and wind-powered generators rises. Substantially the probability of electrical supply breakdowns goes down substantially. For cleaning of transmission oils from mechanical admixtures, water and gases it is expedient to use the options of СММ GlobeCore trade mark type. This equipment can have the productivity from 500 to 4000 l/h; therefore you can always assort setting that is the best one for all existent transmission oil volumes cleaning requiring. The СММ type settings carry out complex treatment of transmission oils: thermal-vacuum drainage removes gently the superfluous moisture from them, and the block of filters deletes mechanical admixtures. At Your desire we can accomplish equipment in one of next executions:
  • stationary (in a container, on a frame, under awning);
  • mobile (wheel-mounted, towed).


The cleaning of wind-powered generator transmission oil allows to prolong the operating life with optimal periodicity and to bring down probability of the transmission system breakdown.  GlobeCore company offers using the options of СММ-Т type to solve this problem. This equipment is worked out especially for complex treatment of transmission oils by moving away from them mechanical admixtures, water and gases. The necessary degree of cleaning (not worse than 15/12 on ISO 4406) is arrived at due to application of thermal-vacuum drainage and filtration. At Your desire we can produce equipment both in mobile and in stationary implementation. The land located, coastal or sea-located wind-powered generators can be served with its help. GlobeCore CMM- Т gear application provides an opportunity to:
  • to prolong the technical lifetime of transmission oils;
  • to promote reliability of wind-powered generators work and processes of alternative energy production;
  • to economize financial resources on the purchase of new oils and utilization of exhaust ones.